Prevention - Response - Recovery

Live Incident Scenarios for Prevention & Response


This system is fully integrated within I-sec 22 and serves as a live video and stills platform for delivering real time visuals of emergencies and hostile events. These images and videos can be tracked to their respecting zone and alert security forces and employees should the scenario require. These capabilities are vital for identifying suspicious people, analyzing their actions and producing live images of crucial data that can serve to prevent hostile activities.

I-know 22 brings reality to the palm of your hands in order to receive early warning and apply dedicated protocols for maximizing safety and security. The system is fully centralized under a platform that contains additional features

Main Features

Real time video

Upload, share and view real time photos and videos of incidents.

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Incident Configuration

Classification of incidents according to their type

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Scenario Alerts

Ongoing alert messages of new videos and pictures of incidents

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Live Suspicious Activity

Report and see suspicious activity in real time

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i-Know-22 app

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Founder and CEO

30 years of experience in the security field, M.A in terror studies and a senior consultant to international corporations, governmental bodies and law enforcement agencies

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Team Lead - development

Eleven years of experience as native iOS and Android development. Deep knowledge and experience in JAVA, C++ and Javascript.

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Business Development

M.B.A and B.Sc, had worked with numerous technology companies. Devoted and totally Committed to the client's success.

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Project Manager

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System Operations

Extensive experience in system operations and extensive years of active work in designing, implementation of system operations

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UX and Design

Extensive experience in in graphic design: print & digital. Vast knowledge & understanding of UX and designing UI.

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An attorney with extensive years of experience in International law, contracts, security and litigation

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Chief Instructor

Extensive experience in different sectors of security, terrorism, combat, and proactive security tactics

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